Fred Saberhagen

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Fred Saberhagen (1930-2007) authored over 70 books of science fiction and fantasy and about the same number of short stories.

Fred is perhaps best known for his science fiction berserker(trademarked) series. Berserkers are robotic space ships programmed to annihilate all life. There are 10 novels and 7 collection of stories in this series. You might want to visit a rather impressive fan site for Fred’s berserkers.

Among fantasy readers Fred is best known for his Swords and Lost Swords series. The world of Fred’s Swords began with EMPIRE OF THE EAST. Then came the 3 Swords books and the 8 Books of Lost Swords. Fred tied the series together with the short volume ARDNEH’S SWORD (2006).

Fred also authored 10 books in which he tells some of Dracula’s adventures. Fred’s Dracula was well received. With the book, THE DRACULA TAPE, Fred became the first author to tell the vampire story from the vampire point of view. Some fans host a yahoo group for Fred’s Dracula at

In fantasy, Fred also authored THE BOOKS OF THE GODS, a series of 5 books that retell and mix some of the classic myths.

Fred wrote 16 books that are not part of any series. Two of these, BLACK THRONE and COILS, were co-authored with Roger Zelazny. The VEILS OF AZLAROC may be the best known of these.

Since Fred’s passing these books have appeared:
OF BERSERKERS, SWORDS, AND VAMPIRES: A SABERHAGEN RETROSPECTIVE (Baen, Jun 2009). This is a collection of Fred’s short stories put together by Joan Saberhagen to represent Fred’s work . Sample stories from the beginning of his career to his last solo short story are included.
A reprint by Tor of the Dracula book OLD FRIEND OF THE FAMILY (Tor, Sep 2009) with more Dracula reprints coming in 2010 and 2011.
GOLDEN REFLECTIONS is under contract with Baen Books. It is an anthology of 7 original stories by leading science fiction authors and a reprinting of Fred’s short novel MASK OF THE SUN. The stories are based on Fred’s novel MASK GOLDEN REFLECTIONS is edited by Joan Saberhagen and Robert E. Vardeman.
SÉANCE FOR A VAMPIRE will be reprinted by Titan Publishers as part of their series The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

For more information on Fred Saberhagen visit his website at:
Official fan website of science fiction author Fred Saberhagen’s Berserker series.